Here at St. Stephen’s, our worship is the center of our life together. We worship God not because we are obligated. We worship God with thanksgiving for the blessings of this life. We worship God out of the joy of our encounter with Jesus. We worship God because we desire to be in closer relationship with the one who is the foundation of our being.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, come join us and discover why you worship.

Sunday Morning: 8am

The simplicity of this service, which features Morning Prayer and a celebration of Holy Communion, belies the depth of its content. Offered without the distraction of music, this spoken service creates space for quiet prayer and reflection as we approach together the mysteries of our faith. Using older language, this service connects us to the deep history of our worship that stretches across generations in our tradition.

Sunday Morning: 10am

A festive celebration, this service features joyful song and music that enhances our worship and thanksgiving of God. Making use of contemporary language, this service is accessible and welcoming to people of all ages and backgrounds. Come take part in the joy of our worship. Come take part in the proclamation of the Good News. Come take part in the rich fellowship of our community. Come and be fed.