Middle School Youth Group

This picture perfectly sums up a session of youth group. What it says is anyone’s guess.

Young adulthood can be a fun and exciting time in life. We begin to explore our own identities and our own faith in new ways for the first time. We support our middle school and high school youth with a special Sunday School curriculum that is age appropriate and encourages the critical exploration and application of our faith.

St. Stephen’s has a wonderful Youth Group that meets on the first Friday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm. Our time together in youth group is spent playing games, doing service projects, and sharing our lives and faith with one another. In addition, the Youth Group goes on special trips, such as to the Heifer Farm or Camp Washington, and schedules other unique activities throughout the year.

To learn more about our Sunday School program for middle school and high school students, or to inquire about the youth group, please contact Lynda Hickey.