All children and families are welcome to attend St. Stephen’s and participate in our children's formation programs regardless of denomination. Our doors are open to all and our hope is to teach your children that they are loved by God.

Children in Worship

Worship is central to our identity as Christians and as Episcopalians, and in a time when families face increasingly busy and hectic schedules, the opportunity to be together as a family and worship together is an important and special one. We want the entirety of our family at St. Stephen’s to worship together, from our youngest members to our oldest. In addition, we recognize that for our youngest, sitting in a pew for an hour can be a challenge. To help with that, we have created a special space for young children at the front of the church, filled with books and other quiet activities to engage them while they take part in worship.

Inter-Generational Gatherings

The core of our Christian formation program is the monthly Gathering. Once a month, all our members are invited to take part in an inter-generational formation opportunity. These engaging 30-40 minute programs cover a variety of topics from Christian identity and spirituality, to creation care and worship, and are shaped by the interests and curiosity of our members. The Gathering will takes place in the parish hall during coffee hour once a month and are designed for all our members and inclusive of all ages. Dates and topics of upcoming Gatherings are available on our homepage.

Youth & Young Adult Formation Series

In between our monthly Gatherings, we offer formation mini-series for our youth and young adults. Rather than asking families to commit to a year-long Sunday School program, these 3-4 week series offer short and focused programs to our youth and young adults on a variety of topics and interest areas that can change and adapt to the evolving interests and curiosities of our participants. The Youth & Young Adult Formation Series take place during coffee hour on the weeks between the Gatherings and last no more than 45 minutes each. For more information, please reach out to Lynda Hickey at

Children's Formation Videos

During this time of the COVID-19 shut-in, we've created weekly videos for children using Godly Play lessons with Lynda. You can watch all the videos in the playlist below, and check back every Sunday for the newest lesson!

Activities for Home

Are you looking for some activities for your child to use at home? Below are some curated resources, such as games, coloring pages, and other activities from Lynda designed to keep your young child engaged with their faith during this pandemic.