God is With Us

Posted on 11 Dec 2016
  I must confess that enjoy listening to Christmas music this time of year. Something just feels right when I hear Michael Buble cover classic Christmas hits while I’m working at my desk. And these long dark nights somehow seem less oppressive as I drive the lonely back roads of
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Turning Toward the Kingdom of God

Posted on 04 Dec 2016, Pastor: Adam
  Repent! It is a rather startling word to hear this time of year. It is not the message we hear from the Salvation Army bell ringers. It is not a word you will find written in Christmas cards from friends and family. Repent! I mean, really, who wants to feel guilty with Christmas only…
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Christian Anticipation

Posted on 27 Nov 2016, Pastor: Adam
  Waiting is the worst. The only thing in all of creation that has the power to slow down time is anticipation. The longest month of the school year is the one right before summer break. And it doesn’t get better as an adult either. The two weeks before a much-needed vacation seem to
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Trusting in Christ

Posted on 13 Nov 2016, Pastor: Adam
  The tricky thing about reading apocalyptic texts is to remember that they are always written after the event they seem to predict has happened. They are not predictions of things to come in the far-off future of the reader. They are the remembered stories told by the author to an
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Zacchaeus, the man diminished

Posted on 30 Oct 2016, Pastor: Adam
  One of the first songs that I remember learning in Sunday school was “Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man.” I’m sure that most of you are familiar with it. If you aren’t, then I’m sure that one of our Sunday school students could happily teach it to you. I think it may even have…
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Needing God

Posted on 23 Oct 2016, Pastor: Adam
  I think that the Pharisee gets a bad rap in today’s story. We are quick to heap our scorn upon him and his haughty words. In art, he is often depicted as the sort of person you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time around. A sneer adorns his face and an aura…
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Your Faith has Transformed You

Posted on 09 Oct 2016, Pastor: Adam
  The afternoon of Christmas Day had a distinct feeling in my childhood. All the presents had been opened. The adults had all retreated to reclining chairs or bedrooms for a midday nap after the long hours of Christmas Eve. The odors of Christmas Dinner, still to come, were coalescing in
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Increase our Faith

Posted on 02 Oct 2016, Pastor: Adam
  If I only had more faith. How many of us here this morning have not thought that very thing at some point or another in our lives? It may be the most relatable thing the disciples ever said. Lord, increase our faith. They had already shown so much faith. Everyone left something behind.
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What does the chasm sound like?

Posted on 25 Sep 2016, Pastor: Adam
  Already a chasm has been fixed between you and us. Almost exactly one year ago, I was in Arizona at a retreat and workshop. In the early mornings before breakfast, I would go out on a hike through a small canyon carved away through time by a tiny desert stream. At one point along…
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