Binding and Loosing

Posted on 10 Sep 2017, Pastor: Adam
  Conflict in any community is exhausting. Conflict in the church is even worse, there is something soul-crushing about it; in addition to the stress and anxiety caused by the conflict itself, there is a profound sense that this is not how Christ meant for us to be. Over the years, in
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Who do you say that I am?

Posted on 29 Aug 2017, Pastor: Adam
  Just this past Friday, I had a meeting down in Milford with a new rector in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. I’m always intrigued by church buildings, so while he finished up a phone call, I wandered about, taking in the space. I explored the church kitchen, because I think a church
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It is enough

Posted on 13 Aug 2017, Pastor: Adam
  Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of congregations going through the transition process. Some of them were excited about the new things that lay ahead of them. Some of them were trying to work through difficult circumstances and challenges. Some of
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The Snapping Point

Posted on 06 Aug 2017, Pastor: Adam
  If you were sitting there listening to our readings this morning and thought to yourself, “my, this reading sounds familiar!”, let me assure you that you are not crazy! Transfiguration Sunday is most commonly observed at the end of the season of Epiphany, on the last Sunday before Lent.
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Bearded Darnel

Wheat and the Weeds

Posted on 23 Jul 2017, Pastor: Thom Hagerth
  It was a bright early fall morning. The sun was shining, the temperature comfortable and the air crisp and clean, an absolutely prefect morning. I walked leisurely to my office, rode the elevator to the 33rd floor and settled in with my first cup of coffee. My wife Maryann started work a
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Posted on 02 Jul 2017, Pastor: Adam
  Human sacrifice. Child sacrifice. It terrifies and disgusts us. We find it utterly abhorrent. And yet, it fascinates us and captivates our imaginations. It is the stuff of horror and yet it draws us in. It holds power over us, pulling us back again and again to the altar of sacrifice.
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Core Identities

Posted on 25 Jun 2017, Pastor: Adam
  How do you introduce yourself to strangers? After you’ve given your name, what is the one thing that you share upfront to sum up your identity? Perhaps you don’t spend lots of time pondering this, but it is a serious question. It is a question with which you have had to grapple
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Harassed & Helpless

Posted on 18 Jun 2017, Pastor: Adam
  When I lived in Chicago, I liked to go running along the shore of Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful place to run. To one side, the blue of the water stretched as far as the eye could see until it met the blue of the sky on the horizon. To the other side…
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Out of Chaos

Posted on 11 Jun 2017, Pastor: Adam
  As a clergyperson, I get told things from time to time that I simply don’t know how to react to. It’s an occupational hazard, you could say—one of those things they don’t really teach you about in seminary. I’m never quite sure how to respond, for example, when someone—upon finding o
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