Not on the Mountain

Posted on 19 Mar 2017, Pastor: Adam
  If we are to understand the gospel reading this morning, then we must first understand who the Samaritans were. For they were not just random foreigners in a long list of Israel’s neighbors. The Samaritans were the people descended of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the “Lost Tribes of
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Born from Above

Posted on 12 Mar 2017, Pastor: Adam
  My youngest brother and sister-in-law are now only about five weeks out from the due date of my niece, Julia. So, you can imagine the flood of emotions on Thursday night, when I arrived home after our Bonhoeffer class to discover a whole slew of messages on my phone.  My brother had
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Preparing for Obedience

Posted on 05 Mar 2017
  I had always heard from people about how beautiful the desert is. It wasn’t until two years ago, on a trip to the high desert of Arizona, that I really understood what they meant. There is something about the way the sunlight plays across the landscape, the juxtaposition of rock and
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The Transfiguration & Why I am hiking that AT

Posted on 26 Feb 2017, Pastor: Alli
  On Transfiguration Sunday the sermon was delivered by Alli Huggins, the Digital Associate for Communications at the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Alli preached about her upcoming through-hike of the Appalachian Trail and about how she and her companions will be living an outdoor
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A vision of heaven

Posted on 19 Feb 2017, Pastor: Adam
  Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? I mean, beyond the Pearly Gates, which are often the only thing depicted when heaven is portrayed in the popular imagination. What does heaven look like in your mind’s eye? After all, for something that occupies a large place in many
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Gaming the System

Posted on 12 Feb 2017, Pastor: Adam
  One of my favorite stories from Christian history is about a certain baptismal practice that rose to some level of prominence. It was still the early days of our faith, before the fall of the Roman Empire, but after Christianity had found wide-spread acceptance among the Romans. One of
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Salt of the earth

Posted on 05 Feb 2017, Pastor: Adam
  It is interesting which pieces of wisdom you remember from your parents. My mom is a wonderful cook and growing up, she would give us little cooking and baking lessons. One such lesson was on the importance of using a little bit of salt when baking bread. “Don’t forget the salt,
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What does the Lord require?

Posted on 29 Jan 2017
  All was not well in Israel. The land was filled with corruption and greed. The King grew wealthy off the evil that was allowed to prosper. All around invading armies stormed, growing ever closer to the Promised Land. It seemed imminent that Israel itself would come under siege. In this
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Jesus is calling

Posted on 22 Jan 2017
  And Jesus saw two brothers, James and John, in the boat with their father, Zebedee, mending their nets. Jesus called them. Immediately they left the boat, they left their father, and they followed Jesus. And their father was pissed. James and John never heard the end of it. Whenever they
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