God’s Garden

I saw my first sign of spring as I stepped out of my front door yesterday. There is still snow on the ground here in Connecticut, but next to my front step, tulip leaves are pushing up through the mulch. I was excited by this for two reasons. First, it is a sure sign that the seasons are changing again and soon spring will be here. Second, I had completely forgotten that we had planted these tulips at the end of last summer. All through the fall and winter they lay, silently resting, growing, and preparing for this moment to break through the soil and catch me off guard.

It made me think of the times that things had been planted within me—ideas, hopes, dreams, beliefs—only to bloom forth in my life a much later time, full of newness. Like the tulips beside my front step, these moments catch me off guard and spark a sense of wonder within me.

I wonder where you have experienced the seeds that God had planted within you bursting forth with unexpected and new life? I wonder what seeds are currently deep inside, waiting, resting, and preparing? I wonder where God is even now at work in your life, planting new seeds that will grow and bear new fruit at some future time? Who were the people who helped to plant those seeds? Who are the people who helped to nurture those seeds even when you have forgotten that they were still there?

Each of us experiences rich and tumultuous times when different parts of our lives feel like they are being mixed and stirred up together. They can be the experience of going to college, the birth of a child, a new marriage, or the death of a parent. They are times of upheaval, when beliefs and ideas are turned up on their head and when jobs and future plans for our lives suddenly get redirected. All of which, I believe, is a sure sign that God is up to something, a sign that God is planting new things.

In this changing of seasons, as spring brings again the signs of new life before us, be aware and keep watch. For God is always planting something new within us. And God is always calling those things into life, ready to bloom when you least expect it.

Adam Yates