Mission Trip: Day 5

Scraping paint off the door at the farm

Today, “Tonight Dough” returned to Smokey House Farm. We spent the morning cleaning out a building that will be used to house youth for a summer camp at the center that starts in two weeks. We also worked in the greenhouse, watering and moving plants that were getting ready to be moved outdoors. After that we were back in the pumpkin patch working on weeding the rows we hadn’t done yesterday.

Sign painting on a rainy afternoon

During our lunch break, the staff taught us some new games, which we are excited to bring back to St. Stephen’s. We also got to meet Jessie, the coordinator for Smokey House, who was very interesting. He talked about composting chickens.

After lunch, we finished the pumpkins and then worked on paintings farm signs to direct visitors around the center.

The “Chunky Monkey” crew was back to the Open Door Mission, working at the thrift shop, sorting and organizing clothing donations. We learned that the proceeds of their thrift store process 80% of their income, which funds all their work. Though it was a slower day, we still enjoyed getting to eat lunch and meet guests at the Mission.

We closed our day with a cookout at a local American Legion and an emotional final evening gathering, where our feet were washed by our adult leaders.

We are all excited to be returning home tomorrow and we are sad to be saying goodbye to the friends we have made this week. It’s been an amazing experience and we can’t wait to do it again.

The journey has just started…

Scribe: Ally Hickey

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  1. Gray Sawyer

    Can’t wait to see you all and hear what your stories.

  2. Gpiccola

    Did you know you guys are our blessings??? Enjoyed reading your blogs and see you soon….