Mission Trip: Day 4

Hard at work preparing meals at the Open Door Mission

So, today the “Chunky Monkey” crew went to the Open Door Mission, which is a shelter/thrift shop for the homeless. They met a set of remarkable people who volunteer there, including Dee, who has been working there for 28 years and had been a special education teacher, Sharon, who is the Director, and Tyrone, a war veteran originally from the Virgin Islands, and who loves to sing.

The crew organized the thrift store and helped prepare the free meals they provide. During their service day, they heard many heartwarming and also some sad stories about people who had passed through the mission.

Weeding the winter squash at Smokey House

The “Tonight Dough” crew went to the Smokey House Farm, which is situated on a 5,000 acre piece of land in the Vermont mountains. They donate all the food they grow to programs like a free CSA for local school children, food banks, and the ‘Farm’acy Project, which connects people with dietary-related diseases with fresh produce. They met Jamie, the main farmer, and the two Farm interns, Emma and Luna ( who is attending Green Mountain College). They started the day by weeding in the winter squash and then in the cabbage patch. After lunch, we went to the farm stand and saw some of the items that were being sold by farms that were a part of Smokey House. We then went back to continue weeding, this time in the pumpkin patch. After our work, Ally kept them entertained with her one woman show while they waited their turns to shower.

Because it started raining this afternoon, we had to cancel our evening program at the beach and instead got to spend time with our church group. So, we went bowling together instead, and closed the night with a trip to the local froyo place.

Scribe: Olivia Pear

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  1. Ann DiFiglla

    So proud of all of you. Wish I could be there!!!