Mission Trip: Day 3

Today was a hard day for our “Tonight Dough” work crew. We were back in Pine Hill Park, pulling out big rocks, digging ditches, and finishing of the section of the trail we have worked on for the last two days. As we worked, we got to know the trail staff and volunteers who guided our work: Shelley, Leonard, Nate, and Olivia.

Shelley loves the outdoors and is the mastermind of all the trails at the park. She loves the outdoors and was nice and very hardworking. Leonard was also very nice and is normally a 10th grade English teacher and is doing trail work in the park as a summer job. Olivia, who has a very nice name, is in college, runs cross country, and speaks a bunch of languages.

The porch getting all the old paint scraped off

“Chunky Monkey” spent the day at the house of a woman named Janet. They spent the day helping her scrape the paint off her front porch and then repainted it so that it looked nice and new in the afternoon. Janet was very nice, she enjoyed baking, and shared some of her homemade cookies with the work crew.

We spent time thinking about the ways that our emotions help us to understand our passions in life. We are told sometimes that we shouldn’t feel certain emotions, or that we should feel guilty about them, but if we shut ourselves off from all our feelings, we run the risk of having our passions die as well.

Tomorrow we are off to new work sites, and are excited to see what we will be doing!

Scribe: Ally Hickey

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  1. Gwen Pond

    Sounds like a productive day. Wondering if you were able to capture the “after” of the painting of Janet’s house. And also wondering what everyone is looking rather jolly and laughter laden about in the first photo …

    Enjoy your last day one and all!! Worth all the flamingos and coffee sales? I suspect so 😉 Will you please keep selling the coffee though?

    • ayates

      We put up the before and after photo of the porch on Facebook, so you can see the end result. The flamingos were definitely worth it, and don’t worry, the coffee sales aren’t going anywhere!