Mission Trip: Day 2

Members of the Tonight Dough Crew at their lunch break in Pine Hill Park.

Today we went to work at our service sites. Our church group has been split across two crews, along with members from St. Mark’s, New Canaan. The first crew, “Tonight Dough” [editor’s note: all the work crews are named after Ben & Jerry’s flavors, because Vermont] went to Pune Hill Park, where they growled away at carving new trails out of the forest. Their work involved using hoes to pull the organic top layer of soil off the forest floor until they found the “golden” dirt of the mineral layer beneath it. They learned that there are many types of dirt. They ended their work day by filling holes with rocks, chopping away at a stump, and raking leaves.

To keep them entertained [editor’s note: we can not verify how entertained the were], Ally told them many stories, including Cat the Rock, Moonbear, The Zombie Apocalypse, As well as Jimmy, Todd and the Invention of Bug Spray.

Chunky Monkey in front of the shelves of food

Meanwhile, the second crew “Chunky Monkey” went to the Salvation Army, where they had to sort through and categorize 120 boxes of non-perishable food donations, sorting them onto the shelves of a big warehouse. There were many cans of food and it took a long time to organize, but they got to socialize with youth from St. Mark’s, which was fun. The most memorable food item that they found was a box of cheesy-tuna.

Lynda climbs away while Brooke keeps her firmly anchored to the ground.

After the work day was over, we all got to take some very welcome showers in various locations around Rutland. After a delicious taco dinner, we ended the day by going rock climbing, which gave us all chills. When we were finished rock climbing, the Ben & Jerry’s next door was a sweet treat.

Scribe: Melissa Knox

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  1. Gwen

    Looks like fun and good works!! Who chose the names for the groups? How come no Cherry Garcias?

    • ayates

      The Youth Works staff assigned the names, and one of the groups is Cherry Garcia! The other names for the different crews include Phish Food, Coco Loco, and Americans Dream.