Mission Trip: Day 1

Transcribed from the youth group journal.

Today we drove from East Haddam to Rutland, VT. It was a five hour drive. Along the way, we kept each other company by playing games and listening to an excellent tour guide [editor’s note: the quality of the tour guide cannot be confirmed]. As we looked at our surroundings, we were struck by the beauty of the land around us.

We played games like Go Fish, Heads Up, and I Spy. We puzzled over riddles and talked on the walkie-talkies.

A little after 1:30, we stopped for lunch around Hadley, MA, grabbing food at Stop & Shop and eating at a park across the street. We had a nice picnic and watched a ball game in the distance. After eating, we got back in the car and drove for another two hours.

We finally arrived! When we came to the church where we are staying, we looked around and noticed that this church was a lot bigger than St. Stephen’s. We checked in and the girls went down to their room and the boys to theirs. The girls blew up their air mattresses, and the boys threw their things on the floor. We played card games in the dining hall before dinner. Olivia very helpfully ‘volunteered’ to help clean up. We closed the evening with worship and some time together with our own youth group. We’ve learned a lot about the week ahead of us and it sounds very exciting!

Scribe: Ally Hickey

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  1. Gray Sawyer

    Have you met the people you’ll be working with?

    • ayates

      Yes, we all met on Sunday afternoon. Our youth are split into two crews with youth from St. Mark’s, New Canaan.