My Testimony, My Statement of Faith and Gratitude

My Testimony, My Statement of Faith and Gratitude

Psalm 16, v. 2    I say to the Lord, you are my Lord.  All the good things I have come from you.
v. 5   You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need, my future is in your hands.
v. 6    How wonderful are your gifts to me….

Hi, my name is Gerry Piccola. My husband, Philip, and I have  been members of St. Stephen’s for 14 years, since moving to East Haddam. I am a member of the choir, and, as such, a “10:00 o’clocker”. My roles at church have been Co-Warden, Treasurer of Ladies Aide, Cookie Fair Lady, and generally helping out with various activities, trying not to be a pain in the neck with my ideas.  (That’s another story).

Lately I’ve been thinking of a way, without bragging or bravado, to say thank you to God and to tell my friends at St. Stephen’s my story along with my gratitude. Hopefully, there are others out there who will testify to God’s goodness in their lives. I look forward to reading many of these stories.

I’ve had normal trials and tribulations growing up in the ’50’s. My father was a city fireman, was paid $55.00 per week which supported our family: myself, my sister, my parents and assorted grandparents in their later years who lived with us. We didn’t have much, but I really didn’t know I was missing anything. My father worked 3 jobs at times, coming home in the morning from the firehouse, eating, then going out on a construction job as a laborer. He also was a machinist and we actually had 2 tool and die machines in our cellar for awhile!! Anyway, we always had enough to eat, clothes to wear and we loved to sing!!  My grandfather bought my mother a small spinet piano and she would play, sometimes after supper, and we would all sing. My father was the loudest and the worst singer ever, but that wouldn’t stop him!!!!

My parents loved and respected each other and that was such a good example for my sister and I.  We always had an obligation to go to church and my father made sure we went when he could take us. His faith was a quiet faith, very strong, and he showed it by example and by his life, another example of his love for us.

My life has gone on to marriage, children, deaths of parents, empty-nesters and retirement, ups and down with all of these. By the grace of God I am what I am.  He has given me so many blessing; good friends, a man who loves me, two good sons, a beautiful granddaughter;  and brought me to this wonderful place, St. Stephen’s. But most of all He has given me his unfailing and constant love.

Praise and thanks be to God!!!

  1. Gray Sawyer