A New Approach to Lent: Part 2

Oodles of Doodles – A Right-brain Way to Jump Start Your Prayer Life

by Lynne Meyer

My previous blog ended with the suggestion to buy a desktop calendar (the squares are larger than those of a wall calendar!) and then doodle daily prayers from Ash Wednesday (March 1) to Easter (April 16).  You can buy a calendar at Nathan Hale Pharmacy.  Tear out the pages for January and February and place them behind the page for March to prevent bleed-through of your marker colors onto April’s page.  It’s not too late to start!

“God doesn’t listen to our words as much as He sees the true intention of our hearts.”

– J. W. Hartgrove,   The Rule of St. Benedict, Brewster, MA

As an example, here is one I did for Lent, 2011:

The inspiration for the Lenten calendar came from the blog of Sybil MacBeth, author of several books, journals, and videos for all ages on “Praying in Color.”

Remember, your doodle prayers can be virtually wordless as shown in illustration that follows:

NOTE: This doodle is easy to do. It is nothing more than a rectangle with a large “X” from corner to corner with each quadrant filled with hearts, crosses, upside down V’s, concentric circles, a star, parallel bars, dots, triangles, some irregular shapes, and faces, hands, and feet appearing from behind, on, and under some of the words beseeching the Holy Spirit to hear their prayer for Jim. It’s easy. Try it!

Sunday School teachers and parents will enjoy this creative praying to try with their children. The doodle that follows is one I did as a prayer of thanksgiving for the success of “right-brain” prayers used in our Sunday School classes 9 years ago:

Praise God! “Sunday School kids love their ‘Prayer Books’ and ¾ of them will choose to work on them during free time.” – Julie Y., Director of Christian Education, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 9, 2008

If creative ways to pray have peaked your interest, Fr. Adam and I are in the process of planning a Prayer Workshop on Saturday, April 1 (no fooling!) from 9 am to 3 pm.  Stay tuned for details.  I’d also like to try some 3-D doodle prayers by hanging them from a tree we create.  I’d like to combine that with using the branches for off-loom weaving.  Strings of beads, some of which we can make, can also hang from the tree.  I can bring a desk calendar for the participants to fill in.  A couple of other projects hopefully may also materialize.  It will be lots of fun!