Legend of the Cookie Fair

Twelve years ago, at an annual ladies aid meeting, Rev. Rachel Thomas suggested that we team up with someone within the group that we could call our “sister” as a way to meet new people and learn more about them. It was at that meeting that a cookie fair fund-raiser was suggested as a means of raising money for the Ladies Aid and St. Stephen’s and also involving everyone in the parish to participate by baking cookies, working at the fair, distributing posters, etc. As a result, Gerry Piccola, Ann DiFiglia and Cindy DiNino, signed on to plan and implement this project. Thus we became “The Cookie Sisters”.

Cindy DiNino has since left us and that would leave Gerry and Ann as the remaining “sisters.” However, it is with everybody’s HARD WORK and support that this fund-raiser has continued over the years. So, we are now all “sisters” in this together.

Since that time, we have added to our vast selection of cookies by adding birdseed wreaths, stained glass gingerbread men, and this year pine cone fire starters!!!! Of course, we can’t leave out the enormous contribution of cut-out cookies by our kids!

This year’s cookie fair (OUR 13TH!!!!) is on Saturday, the 10th of December. Stay tuned for more information.