Creating a Green Church??

So, after our Sunday school trip to Heifer Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts, this past spring, and along with one of the last class discussions with the 3rd-6th grade class, the thought of changing up the curriculum to something that involved a more hands-on type approach was brewing in my head.

I knew that our kids loved their experience at the Heifer Farm and wanted more. I knew that they loved discussing climate change during our Earth Day lesson. So, how to take what they enjoyed and melt it in with God?? The answer I found was “Green Church” curriculum through Cokesbury.

I am excited about Green Church because it will help children to:

  • recognize that God wants us to be good stewards of creation
  • learn that being a good steward means taking personal responsibility for caring for the earth
  • experience ways to take care of creation.

But that alone won’t do. I know they still want to learn so much more about the Heifer experience. So, I will be interweaving material from both curricula. I am hoping for an awesome result! My hope is for the children to feel empowered by their thoughts of how they can make a difference, how they can change things for the better and improve life for other children. They are the future of our faith and of our world. It is such an awesome thought to know that our children working together can make a difference.

Be on the lookout for the children to become “Green Warriors” around the church. They will all be on a mission to find ways we can improve how things are done to reduce our carbon footprint at St. Stephen’s.

To sign your child up for this year’s exciting Sunday School program, visit our Youth Ministries page.


P.S. Please consider the environment before printing this document