Heifer Farm

As many of you may be aware, the children and youth of St. Stephen’s turned the parish hall into a Heifer International “Living Market” this past fall. The purpose of the market was to show people how Heifer international uses a variety of animals to help impoverished families all around the world. The children and youth did research on their animals and demonstrated the many benefits the animals can give to a family. As people made their way around to the different tables they were able to buy animals for Heifer to give. The children wound up raising around $1300 to benefit the Heifer project!

The hard work and research they put into this project was very impressive, so I thought it would be a great experience to bring all of them to the Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA on a field trip to see first-hand how the animals are used to help people. The trip is scheduled for Sunday, May 17th with our bus departing the church at 11:00am. With many thanks to the efforts of Judi Piontkowski and Dattco Bus Company there is no charge for our transportation! This trip is being offered to all children & youth of St. Stephen’s at NO COST! It is my hope that as many of them are able to attend as possible. Listed below is some additional information on our day at the Heifer Farm:

Heifer Farm is one of three learning centers operated by Heifer International. Heifer’s Learning Centers provide experiential education aimed to inspire, challenge and engage people to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.

During the tour, participants will be introduced to Heifer’s mission of working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. You will view a video that introduces Heifer’s work around the world and take a guided walking tour through Heifer Farm’s gardens, barnyard and Global Village. Along the way you will see examples of sustainable agriculture practices used on the farm and by our partners around the world to help meet our mission. You’ll learn how Heifer Farm’s mission to educate is a vital part of that plan. Learn about the 7 M’s that animals can provide to humans (milk, meat, money, manure, motivation, muscle, & materials) via an interactive activity.

*Hands-on activities may include:

  • Goat Milking — Learn how to milk one of the Farm’s dairy goats and get a better understanding of how the gift of a dairy goat can bring better nutrition and income to a family living in poverty.
  • Wool Spinning — Travel to our Peru site and learn how llamas and alpacas are precious animals in the high Andes Mountains of South America. Your group will learn how to spin animal fiber into yarn using simple spindles.
  • Egg Collecting – You may have a chance to help us gather eggs from one of our chicken coops. Compare and contrast a store bought egg with a farm fresh egg and learn about the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Heifer staff will explain to you why the egg is one of nature’s real wonders and why it is so important in our projects.
  • Special Animal Activity — Depending on the needs of the farm, you may have a chance to help groom some of our animals or interact in some other fashion. Any animal interaction will be prefaced with information about the animal and the role that it plays here at Heifer Farm.

Please reserve the date for your child so they will be able to participate in this unique learning experience of helping others around the world.

God’s Peace,
Lynda Hickey